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Thank you for reminding me it is Rex Manning day. It made my day happier.

You are so very welcome! :) Now remember…

It's on 4od which presumably is only accessible from the UK, but try the Media Hint Chrome extension?

THANK YOU! I’ll look into that! I’ve been dying to watch it. :)

Hi! Would you mind adding the artist to the Cat's Eye image? It's from Sarah Andersen: sarahseeandersenDOTtumblrDOTcom/post/74639542386/scissor-happy-not-sure-who-the-fuck-decided-to Thank you very much in advance!

Aw you didn’t have to send this on anon. I’ll happily credit artwork and the post is all updated now. I’m sorry OP didn’t credit it in the first place. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Hi I'm a g cup and I wanna get a reduction but I'm scared cu I for want disfigured boobs so I kind wanna wait until I'm older and can pay for a lift as well. Good idea?

Well, I can’t really say what’s right for you, but I can tell you that my boobs are far from disfigured and I have several people that can verify that. ;) There are scars, but they have faded so much you can’t see them as all on the underside of my breasts and can hardly see them around the areolas. You’d have to examine them from pretty close up to see them. So, let’s just say I haven’t had any complaints. If you’re still in your teens, would suggest you might want to wait until you stop growing. Moneywise, most insurance will pay for breast reductions because even though it’s an elective surgery, it’s not cosmetic and it’s purpose is to relieve pain and discomfort that affect your daily life. I don’t know if it would pay with a lift with your BR surgery you really shouldn’t need one because you’re breast are kind of repositioned the way smaller sized breast usually sit. It’s funny because I feel like I have a small chest because the size and shape difference was a pretty big change, but when I say something to that effect Kelly tells me “You do NOT have small boobs.” lol 

If you have shoulder pain, back pain, and/or pain while exercising due to breast size, a breast reduction is a viable solution. When I went through my consultations with my doctor, he said it was the only type of plastic surgery doctors do where the patient is 100% happy with their decision and it’s true. Scars and all, I have no regrets. It was something I just knew early on that It was right choice for me and I took the plunge. Maybe you should just get a consultation and do some research on if it’s the right solution for you?

You are a beautiful, intelligent and inspirational woman and you make me smile. I wish I could hug you, Happy Valentine's Day. I hope it is wonderful.

I’m touched, Anon. Thank you very much. I hope you have a Happy Steak Day… or Valentine’s Day whichever you may celebrate.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

You mean Grill A Steak Day? It is the sacred tradition of all Feigens to shun the outside world on “Valentine’s Day.” Instead Feigens can be found in their natural habitat enjoying Stubb’s marinaded steaks which are prepared on a grill outdoors no matter what the temperature. Although Feigens may indeed partake of chocolate on this day, it’s only because chocolate is delicious and is an any time food so why should this day be any different. 

I like your blog most of the time, but I'm wary of you.


That’s probably fair. Any particular reason?

Sorry, that Ask just made me laugh.

Happy birthday feigen! You're a great person, and wish you the best

Thank you, Anon! :)


Love your blog! Where in the world do you live? I'm an AZ fan, but I like the Britishness you have with the Dr. Who thing going on with your blog. :)

Thank you so much! We’re known for our Britishness here in Austin, TX. ;) I’ve been watching Doctor Who and so many other British shows aired on PBS since I was a little kid. I have a deep and abiding love for all things British. I hope your Friday is going well in Arizona. :)



what does sending anon hate accomplish… go outside… pet a dog… ride a bike… Call your dad and apologize for being a disappointment

"I owe no one an explanation of my oppression, nor do I have the responsibility to educate you." whoever added that wonderful sentence FUCK YOU! you dont want to talk about it? you dont want to answer questions? you want to put it all on me? FUCK YOU! go wallow in your fucking misery because if you wont engage me you can rot in fucking hell.


Well, gosh, with that kind of attitude, I can just imagine how willing you are to help people. And I’m certain that your cheery disposition means you just have people lining up to share their experiences with your warm-hearted caring.

Y’know what would be useful? If we had some sort of system of machines set up that would share information across the globe. If only there was a whole, I dunno, web of communication, where people who want to talk about what they have faced would be free to do so. And we could, I dunno, maybe search this network of information through some sort of engine that would find explanations and evidence of the oppression and experiences people had. Wouldn’t that be useful? It’d be great.

People’s experiences are their experiences. Theirs. Not yours. There is plenty of material out there to educate you. No one is obligated to peel back their soul to tell you what trauma they have faced. To demand that people do so just makes you a lazy asshole, and kinda makes it seem like you just want to force people to demonstrate that they, personally, have suffered, like you think that they have to earn their anger about the things they protest.

And for fuck’s sake, anon. That sentence you’re complaining about is the entire fucking point of the quote.

This type of guy only wants you tell him about your experiences so he can systematically discount them.

You clearly don't understand the analogy & are putting words in my mouth to create strawman arguments. I will not automatically side with the "boys will be boys" crowd. If you truly think that tone doesn't matter, you're doing more harm to your cause than good. People who would otherwise fight alongside you will choose to ignore your valid concerns. Plenty of people have good reason to be angry, but if you're rude and obnoxious about it, you will be dismissed & you will set back your cause.


Look. If you’re dismissing feminists who don’t express their anger in the “right way” for you? You’re automatically siding against them. I don’t care what bullshit reasoning you try to come up with to justify why you ignore feminists. The fact is that you’re doing it, and that means you’re supporting the status quo by default. Congratulations!

I’m still just hearing “Feminist’s anger at their experiences needs to be expressed in ways I find acceptable for me to acknowledge it.” Which is just bullshit. Feminists do not need your approval of how they deal with traumatic experiences, and your insistence that they do is just egotistical. It’s just reinforcing the patriarchal idea that women need to fit this model that society has of how they’re supposed to behave- they need to be polite and thoughtful and not at all rude and certainly not angry- not angry enough to be ugly, anyway. They can throw a cute little fit and stomp their feet, but at the end of the day we still need to be able to pat them on the head and tuck them away where we don’t have to think about them at all.

A person who ignores valid concerns because someone is upset is actually just a person who ignores valid concerns. A person who has decided that their feelings are more important than valid concerns. And that’s not someone who would fight alongside me, that’s someone who would hang around to fight as long as it was convenient for them, and is likely going to bail when things get hard. That’s not an ally, that’s a fucking fair weather friend, and I don’t see anything admirable in that.

"Men are more violent, men account for most violent crime, blame men, it's all their fault society is so rotten!" - Feminists ..."Blacks are more violent, blacks account for most violent crime despite being a minority, blame blacks, it's their fault society is so rotten!" - Racists... I'm seeing a parallel here. Feminists are the most sexist, hateful people I know of along with racists.


Yeah, dude, those hardcore feminists at the Bureau of Justice Statistics? It’s totally sexist and hateful when they say "Males represented 77% of homicide victims and nearly 90% of offenders.” All those numbers? Totally based on lies and hate. All those government statisticians just hate men so much. God, it’s so awful how they use facts and numbers to actually explain things that you don’t like!

P.S. You’re an asshole.

So now men can't even reassure friends that there no threat to them without it being sexist, WHAT DO YOU FUCKIBG WANT FROM US, you don't want us to be rapist but you also don't want us to reassure you that we are not such? HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?


I know, anon. It’s difficult. It sucks. It’s so crappy that you might have to take some time to recognize that women who have been lied to and had their trust broken might have difficulty trusting you. I know, it’s awful. And it’s terrible that they won’t just magically recognize that you’re different, that you’re an awesome person. And the idea that you might have to accept that words might not be enough, that instead you’ll just have to do something like be supportive and honest and show them that they’re safe around you- which is a slow process, I know, and, dude, that’s just awful, isn’t it?

I mean, can’t ladies just understand that you’re the focus of the story and that they should trust you? It would be so much easier for you. So rude of them.

Oh, hey, and jackass, “you don’t want us to be rapist”? If you’re a halfway-okay human being, you don’t want to be a rapist. You shouldn’t be a rapist. That’s not something you earn a cookie for, that’s basic human decency.

"What?! Let me get this straight… I can’t rape women OR make them automatically hand their trust over to me?!? WHY GOD?!? WHYYY?!?" *weeps into fedora*

Dude, just from reading those few sentences of yours I can already tell you I would never want to be alone in a room with you. Sometimes it’s hard for me to know if a guy is a potential threat, but I’m really good at determining if a guy is a complete asshole.

I wish there were a Hell so ALL of you could burn in it. Good luck, Anonymous. I hope you’re able to help them.